Zombiezee Money Slots

Do you think you would survive a zombie apocalypse, or would you be one of the first to fall? In the world of Zombiezee Money Slots, the apocalypse has happened. The zombies are everywhere. If luck goes your way, you will also make money while you're here.

The World Afterwards

The background of this game world puts you in the midst of a ruined city. Entire buildings have been reduced to rubble. There is trash in the street...what's left of the street, anyway. This is a lawless world. There is only destruction and danger here. And maybe, with a little luck, a lot of money, too.

Fighting Your Way Through the Zombies

This game has five reels and three rows. This is where all the action plays out. This is where you will see zombies of all kinds, along with a few zombie hunters who are out there battling just like you. You will see people with chainsaws and zombies that are ready to jump out at you from every angle. You will see lots of bright colors and detailed, cool designs.

Designing a Different Sort of Slots Game

This looks a little bit like a horror movie come to life, and that's a little something different. Many slots games have themes but most of those are pretty and cute. This game isn't cute. In fact, it's a little bit gross. And sometimes, that's a lot better than cute. The gameplay is fast and action-packed and there are many ways to win, so you get all the classic elements of slots but with a cool twist that you won't find in other games. It's got a different look but the classic gameplay you expect to find with slots games, so you get the best of good design and fun play.

Creating Your Survival Strategy

The idea in any good zombie movie or TV show is to survive. Place your bet to design the winning strategy you will use to do that. Bet anywhere from Bet anywhere from $0.20 to $20. ​There are 20 pay lines, so there are lots of ways to match up symbols so you can win.

Winning Big with Zombiezee Money Slots

Play to win, not just to survive, when you play Zombiezee Money Slots. enjoy the different look of this game as you take on zombies in a post-apocalypse world where all the money is yours for the taking. Start playing so you can take it all!