Dr. Acula Slots

You know about the tale of that famous vampire, the one from Transylvania. But have you heard of Dr. Acula? He is also out to get your blood...but not in the way that vampires usually get it. There are a lot of dangers in Dr. Acula's lair. However, there is a whole lot of treasure to find, too. Play Dr. Acula's Slots to spend some time in this fun game world.

Going Into a Creepy Stone Building

The background of the game lets you know that you're in an old, stone building. There are candles on the wall, creating an eerie sort of light. This is where Dr. Acula lives. This is where he conducts his experiments and this is where he takes blood.

Facing the Doctor on the Reels

You will see Dr. Acula on the reels. There are three of them in all. Each has three rows. This is where all the different symbols will appear when you spin the reels and look for a win. You will see vials of blood, bags of blood, the lucky number 7 and some even stranger symbols. You might see red as flying and you might see Dr. Acula or his assistant. You might notice something a little odd about them both.

How to Make Money

This game board has a simple and classic slots layout. There are five pay lines in total, and you can see where each on is located clearly. When you get a win, the entire board becomes animated and you'll see exactly how much you've won. The reels spin around quickly and the animations add a little fun to the game.

Playing to Win Big

Place your bet anywhere from between Place your bet anywhere from between $0.25 to $15. Bigger bets will give you bigger payouts when you win, but of course it also means taking a bigger risk. But gambling is always a risk. That's why the theme of this game is just a little bit dangerous. The winning is why you keep on gambling. And this game gives you lots of ways to win and many different bet amounts you can use to create a winning gambling strategy.

Frightful Fun with Dr. Acula Slots

Dr. Acula Slots combines classic gameplay with a fun theme. Even the theme has a little bit of a twist. The images are colorful and detailed, the design of the game is well-balanced.