Hot Hand Slots

Hot Hand Slots

You've watched scary movies, you've confronted the big spider. You know that sometimes, you need to face a fear in order to defeat that fear. In Hot Hand Slots, you'll be facing one of the scariest things of all: the devil. This is a sort of fun version of the devil that's more mischievous than evil. In this game, playing with the devil is a lot of fun.

Dancing with the Devil

The background of this game board is colorful and full of flames. You will see different shades of blue, purple, orange and red, all the colors associated with flame and fire. You will also see the devil. In this version, she is a rather sexy woman with flaming red hair and a black leather outfit. This is her world. Will you end up beating her at her own game?

Diving Right Into the Flames

The game board itself is simple. There are three reels and tree rows. That's just nine symbols on the board at once, and all of them are on fire. Little flames decorate the silver bells, the lucky number seven, the classic slots game cherries and the symbols associated with the different suits of cards. The game has five pay lines where you can make matches. there are also several multipliers and wild cards symbols that make it easier for you to win and increase your payouts when you do.

Turning Up the Heat

There is another little extra feature of this game that you'll notice: the thermometer. This measures the temperature of the game. As you win and the game board "heats up," the heat level of the thermometer will rise. The game board itself will get hotter and hotter as the temperature rises. Place a bet from $0.25 up to $15 per spin when you want to turn up the heat on your wagering.

Setting the Game Board on Fire

When the thermometer rises all the way to the top, you get a 12 times multiplier on any win. This means you could really get a huge payout for a single spin of the reels.

Get a Big Win With Hot Hand Slots

Play Hot Hand Slots to dance with the devil and face a very common fear. The devil in this game isn't evil. If the reels fall in your favor, you will end up winning a bunch of money from dancing with the devil.