Smoking Gun Slots

Everyone has dreamed of what it would be like to be involved in one of those old western showdowns. The music plays in the background. A tumbleweed rolls across the dusty ground in front of you. And you step out to face your enemy, your hand near your holster. You're a cool, bad western gunslinger. And you mean business. In Smoking Gun Slots, you will be surrounded by Old West imagery and you will be the gunslinger. But you won't actually have to face an enemy or get into a real gunfight. That means you get to have the fun and design of the Old West with none of the danger.

Travel Back in Time to an Old Western Town

This game takes you into an old western town at sunset. All the buildings are made of wood. The ground is dry and dusty. Birds are circling overhead. Shades of orange and brown are everywhere. The design, the colors and the images all bring the days of the Old West to life.

Have a Showdown with the Reels

This game has five reels and three rows where you will see all the different symbols that help to create this world. You will see tough-looking bad guys who are eyeing you, sassy barmaids who aren't falling for it and classic images associated with the Old West. Horseshoes, sheriff stars, dueling pistols and wanted posters will up the game board with every single spin of the reels. All the images have lots of details, beautiful colors and their own beautiful design.

Choose Your Weapon and Take Your Shot

You can't do much about it when a big, bad dude rolls into town and starts trouble. And you can't control exactly where the reels stop on the game board, no matter how much you wish you would. What you can do is decide how much you're going to bet. Choose to wager from Choose to wager from $0.50 to $25 on every spin of the reels.

Traveling Back to the Old West

The Old West, known as the Wild West, did not last for very long. It didn't take too many years for that Wild West to be tamed. The images, the colors, the design, everything about this game brings the Wild West era to life. And just like the gunslingers in those wild days, you're doing a little gambling to earn some money. Hopefully, luck will be on your side and you'll take down some really big wins

Have a Legendary Good Time with Smoking Gun Slots

The days of the Wild West might be over but you can still re-visit them with games like Smoking Gun Slots. Place your bet, spin the reels and take your chances with this fun, western-themed game.