Misfit Toyland Slots

The holiday season is a time of past memories and new memories. It's also a time for a lot of holiday specials on TV, movies you remember watching over and over every year around this season and classic songs. And if you ever watched a holiday special as a kid during the holidays, you will probably recognize the theme and design of Misfit Toyland Slots. This holiday-themed slots game is going to bring back a lot of warm memories and if it doesn't, you'll make some new memories while you play this slots game.

On the Island of Misfit Toys

You may or may not know the story of the Island of Misfit Toys. This is a place where toys were assembled incorrectly. Something went wrong and the toys aren't quite right, but they are still toys and they still long to be played with. The background of this game, all the colors and design, bring back the look of this classic holiday special, which was created using claymation animation techniques. The claymation style gives animation a distinct look already, and this classic holiday story definitely has its own design. You will see this in the holiday trees that decorate the background of the game.

Meet the Misfit Toys

When you spin the reels to play the game, you will meet the misfit toys that live in this world. There are five reels and three rows, so the design of the game board itself is quite classic. You will see little elves, square basketballs, toy soldiers that aren't dressed quite right, bubble maker wands that are misshapen and some other fun little images. All of the toys are colorful and beautifully designed and all tell their own little stories that you can see with just one look.

Opening Your Gift

The reels of this game spin very fast, and there are some animations and little extras that can occur with the game. When you get a wild symbol, for instance, it will jump up and take over the entire reels where you find it. Sometimes, you'll also see Santa Claus. When this happens, you can pick a present under the tree. Click the symbol and you'll have the choice of choosing between three toys. You might win 10 free spins from playing this little mini-game, which gives you more chances to win.

Playing the Game

The lowest bet is $0.30. You can go all the way up to $30 per spin if you want to get the biggest payout possible. You can play this game for free, using play money that has no risk at all, but if you play with real money then you'll give yourself a chance to win big.

Have a Holiday with Misfit Toyland Slots

This fun slots game uses the nostalgia of the past to capture a look and feeling that truly does bring the holiday season to life. You will have lots of moments to smile about while you play Misfit Toyland Slots.