Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots

Merlin is one of the most legendary characters. He is most associated with legends of King Arthur. He is known for wizarding skills and knowledge. But Merlin also has riches. Finding a way to get them is your objective in Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots.

Inside a Wizard's World

Merlin is one of the most famous wizards in all of history. In this game, you will go into his study. It has a lot of windows, so Merlin can use his telescope to observe the sky. There are also mysterious corked bottles that probably contain potions. There are purple curtains hanging in the room. They're detailed with gold stars. This is where Merlin works and studies. Is it also where he hides his treasure?

Searching the Magical Study

The game board is where you will search Merlin's study and find his various magical items. There are three reels and three rows that spin around and around to reveal the various symbols that create this game. You will see potions, spell books, Merlin's wizard hat, playful cats, wise owls and treasures. There are golden necklaces and other riches that represent the riches you can win when you play this game.

Designing a Winning Strategy

Wager anywhere from $0.03 up to $18, depending on how much risk you want to take and how much you hope to win. The bigger bets will lead to bigger wins, of course. If you happen to get one of the seven times multipliers on a big bet and you win, you could end up with a really nice little payday. The multipliers make the game much more exciting because you could win so much more if the reels land on one of them.

Meeting Merlin

When the right symbols line up, extra animations will happen. Some symbols will trigger a super win where the spellbook actually opens up and the pages flip. Sometimes, coins will fly up and cover the screen. And every so often, you might see Merlin himself. The famous wizard will appear on top of the game board to cast a spell.

Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots

Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots has a fun theme and a little touch of magic thanks to the various animations you will see on the screen. This game is easy to play and it will keep you engaged. There are multipliers that can lead to really big wins and a great overall design that you'll love to look at.