Witches of Salem Slots

The story of the witches of Salem is well known to many. A group of young women inspired terror in an entire town and created a lot of havoc during those early days when America was first getting established. Were there actual mystical forces afoot? Play Witches of Salem Slots to go back to those days and find out!

Entering Into the Game World

You will know right away that you're in a bit of a mysterious place when you play this game. The background puts you into a dark night. There is a very bright, full moon overhead. Gnarled, twisted tree branches are silhouetted against the black sky. There is green smoke swirling around. This is not a normal place. This is a place of enchantment and magic and spells and curses. For you, it may also be a place for luck and fortune.

Meeting the Witches of Salem

This game has five spinning reels that reveal symbols on three rows. You will see many images that are associated with witches, including toads, black cats, poison apples, spell books and cauldrons. You'll also see the witches, beautiful and alluring. All of these images have beautiful colors and they're lovingly created in high detail. Every single image is beautiful to look at and they all work well together. There are 243 pay lines, so there are lots of ways to win with every spin of the reels. Place a bet from Place a bet from $0.20 to $20 to choose how much your risk with every spin..20 to to choose how much your risk with every spin.

Unlocking the Magic Wheel

When the right symbols line up on the board, everything will suddenly change. Maybe the witches of Salem cast a spell, or something, because all of a sudden you are facing a spinning wheel instead of several spinning reels. ​Just click the wheel, watch it spin and see what you end up winning.

Hitting a Jackpot

There are three jackpots that you could hit at any time while you're playing. Hit the biggest jackpot, and you'll end up winning more than $1,000. That's real magic.

Enjoy Magical Fun with Witches of Salem Slots

Join the magical women in Witches of Salem Slots to see if you can use your own magical skills to win big. Maybe you'll hit a jackpot, or get a gig prize in the bonus round.