Bigger Cash Win Slots

Some cities are so distinct and have their own look that stands out so much, you recognize the city just from one quick picture of it. You can recognize New York, Paris and many other cities. Las Vegas is high up on that list. There are places you can go and things you can see in Las Vegas that you won't find anywhere else. Bigger Cash Win Slots takes you to the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. This game captures the look and atmosphere of this famous city.

Going to the Las Vegas Strip

The background of this game puts you right on the Las Vegas Strip. The lights are dancing in the background. The landmarks of Las Vegas are all bright and glowing. And above you, the night sky is full of stars and reflected light from the amazing Vegas strip. This is the world of Bigger Cash Win Slots. And this is your own private Las Vegas.

Spin Your Way to Money

The game board you're playing on is designed to look like a classic slots machine. It has a classic layout, too. There are three reels and three rows where different symbols appear. The symbols you'll see are classic Las Vegas: cherries, the bar symbol, pairs of cherries. There's also the Bigger Cash Win symbol. If you match up enough to of these symbols, you will trigger an entire mini-game. At this time, the entire game board changes and suddenly, you'll be looking at a spinning wheel. This wheel gives you more ways to win.

How to Play to Win

This game is simple and elegant, with three pay lines that you can clearly see. It's very easy to see when you make matches on the reels and when you don't. Some slots games have hundreds of pay lines going every which way and nobody can figure it all out. This game is just sleek and fun, easy to play and classic. You will choose how much your bet on each spin of the reel, placing a bet ranging from You will choose how much your bet on each spin of the reel, placing a bet ranging from $0.25 to $15. .25

Designing a New Classic Game

Bigger Cash Win Slots has a bold color scheme in vivid shades of royal blue and warm gold. There are lights and shine everywhere, just like in Las Vegas. And also like in Las Vegas, you will see a lot of green and a lot of cash in this game. If getting a lot of cash is what you want, this is a great game for you.

Enjoy the Vibe of Las Vegas Bigger Cash Win Slots

Enjoy the look and atmosphere of Las Vegas with Bigger Cash Win Slots. The design is simple, elegant and traditional, creating a game that's easy to play and a lot of fun.