Honey Hive XL Slots

Did you know that honey is the only food that never expires? Historians have found jars of honey that are thousands and thousands of years old in Egyptian tombs and it's still edible. Honey Hive Xl Slots is a celebration of honey and bees who make it. You've seen slots games before. You haven't seen one like this.

Going in Search of the Hive

The background of the game board puts you into a sunny, colorful world that will instantly draw you in. You are in a field with swaying grasses and wildflowers. There are tall trees where multiple bee hives are gently swaying in the breeze. Shades of bright gold and green are everywhere.

Inside the Honey Hive

The game board is a beehive. You will get a look inside the hive, which is where you will find the reels and the symbols on them. But you will notice right away that this slots game doesn't look much like other slots game. All the symbols on the reels are surrounded by frames that are shaped like hives and the reels themselves are unusual. There are three reels but the rows are varying. Two of the reels have three rows each, while the middle reel has four symbols. This unique layout allows you to make matches on the board across many different pay lines.

Matching Up the Symbols on the Reels

On the reels, you will see various symbols associated with bees and with classic casino slots games. You'll see traditional bar symbols, delicious-looking watermelons and the lucky number 7. There are flowers everywhere because bees feed on the nectar in flowers. This is the fuel they use to make the sweet, golden honey that bees are known for.

Creating Your Winning Strategy

Place a bet as low as $0.10 to take the smallest risk possible. If you want to get a bigger payout, increase your bet all the way up to $30. You choose how much to wager on every spin of the reels, based on your own instincts and winning strategy. you can't control where the reels land but you can control your own betting strategy. Design a good strategy and you'll end up winning more than you lose.

Get a Taste of the Sweet Life with Honey Hive XL Slots

Spin your way to a sweet win with Honey Hive XL Slots. This game is beautiful, a little bit unusual and it's full of winning possibilities, which is everything you want in a game. You won't get any honey from playing this game, but you will get gold that's even sweeter!