Wrath of Medusa Slots

The ancient Greeks were amazing storytellers. The stories continue to be told because these stories are filled with heroes, monsters, excitement and magic. But out of all those stories from the ancient Greeks, the legend of Medusa is one of the most well-known. You will become a part of this battle in Wrath of Medusa Slots. Will you successfully walk away from Medusa's lair with treasures and riches...or will she win?

Inside the Secret Lair

This game will take you straight into a dark cave where Medusa lives. There are rocks and shadows all around you, old vines from plants that have not seen the sun. You will also see the hero of the story on one side of the game board, while Medusa herself stands on the other. These two are locked in battle. Who will win? In order to find out, you will have to spin the reels and see what happens with this battle.

The Epic Battle on the Reels

The action happens when you spin the reels. That's true for every slots game, of course, but things really get exciting when you spin the reels on this slots game. Depending on the symbols that appear, the hero and Medusa will battle each other as you play the game. This is an interesting and engaging little extra feature. A whole story will play out as you play this game, which is a lot of fun.

Going in Search of Treasure

The reels themselves are the star of the game, of course. There are five reels and three rows where you will see many different symbols that bring this ancient Greek legend to life. You will see both the hero and Mduas, along with swords, bows and arrows and Greek pottery. There's a shield, snakes and gemstones that hint that there is treasure to be found here. In order to find it, you will have to get matching symbols on the reels.

How to Battle Medusa and Win

You need a little bit of luck in order to do well at gambling, sure, but a good betting strategy will take you even further than luck. With a good strategy for your bets, you can play much longer and possibly win a whole lot more. This slots game has a wide range of betting possibilities. You can go as low as $0.20 or take your bet all the way up to $20.

Become Your Own Hero in Wrath of Medusa Slots

Help the hero battle Medusa in this game that brings the epic tale to life. The legend of Medusa is one of the most famous tales of Greek myth and in this game, she is alive and well and needs to be defeated before she can wreak her havoc on the world. Help to defeat her and give yourself the chance to win in Wrath of Medusa Slots.