Mythic Wolf Slots

Wolves are powerful hunters who prowl at night, searching for prey under the pale moonlight. Wolves are mysterious and beautiful, powerful and mighty. And in Mythic Wolf Slots, they are in charge. You will see them in the silvery moonlight and you will seek them in the darkness.

Step Into a World of Moonlight

The background of this game puts you next to a shining lake. Moonlight and starlight glimmer and twinkle in the sky above and reflect on the water below. The moon is full and huge in the sky. Shades of blue and black and purple and silver are everywhere. This is a moonlit-drenched world.

How You Will Win

The game is beautiful, with ghostly images of wolves up in the sky. But you're really here for the reels, the main part of every single slots game. This game has five reels and three rows where various symbols appear. Each one of these symbols is sparking in the moonlight. The reels have silver coins, sparkling diamonds, beautiful features and familiar letters and numbers. You will also see full moons. Various wolves will show up on the reels, too. Because after all, this game is really all about them.

Designing a Winning Strategy

You will choose your bet based on how much you're winning, how you feel, what your instinct is telling you and anything else you want to use to make the decision. Your bet can go as low as $0.50 or you can take it all the way up to $25. There are wild cards and multipliers that can give you bigger and better wins.

Playing to Win

The game board has 50 pay lines. You can make matches on any one of them and win. If you make enough matches and get the right symbols, the game will change and put you into a bonus game. This is the Lunar Round, a minigame where you have more chances to win. But for the most part, this is a straightforward, traditional slots game with a classic layout. The design is familiar but the theme gives this game a look of beauty and mystery.

Gambling with the Wolves in Mythic Wolf Slots

Go into a game world where the wolves roam with Mythic Wolf Slots. You will be surrounded by silvery moonlight and beautiful, fierce creatures. With luck, you will also end up filling up your account with money.