Ten Times Wins Slots

The easier things get, the more complicated they get. As weird as that thought is, you've probably experienced this. Sure, you've got a smartphone that can do all sorts of cool stuff and there are a million apps to try, but the reality is that you basically only use your phone to browse the internet, text with people and take pictures. All the extras and the features and this and that, it starts to become a little too much after a while. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the simpler things in life. That's what Ten Times Wins Slots is all about.

The Look of Old Las Vegas

Once, things were a lot simpler. No one has mobile phones. Actually, lots of people didn't even have TV. It wasn't so long ago, really, that things were really, really a lot more simple. In the 1940s and 1950s, Las Vegas was probably in its heyday. This was where the rich and fabulous came to have a good time. There were glamorous women, handsome men, lots of people wearing gorgeous gowns and beautiful suits. That era is captured in the theme of Ten Times Wins Slots.

How Can You Win?

There are three reels and three rows. Inside these nine squares are all the symbols you will want to match up in order to get a win. There are three pay lines right across all three reels. The pay lines are clearly visible, so you never have to wonder where the matches are. The reels are full of classic slots symbols: pairs of cherries, the lucky number 7 and the bar symbol. But there is another symbol that you will see every so often, the 10x multiplier symbol. This is the name of the game and this is the symbol you want to see, because it multiplies your win by 10. ​

Spinning Your Way to Success

You can let your bet ride from one spin to the next, or you can switch things up based on your gut instinct and betting strategy. There are many different betting levels ranging all the way from There are many different betting levels ranging all the way from $0.03 to $18 per spin. Choose how much you want to risk and how big of a payday you hope to win.

Old School Slots

In every way, Ten Times Wins Slots has the look of classic slots. The color scheme, the symbols, even the gameplay all echo the style of slot machines from the past. This game very much brings the look of classic casinos back to life. The gameplay is simple, there are only three paylines and it's very easy to play. When it comes to digital casino games, simple is something that is hard to find.

Keep it Simple With Ten Times Wins Slots

Sometimes, you don't want what's complicated. This is a simple, elegant slots game. Ten Times Wins Slots just has a good, fun time to offer...well, that and possibly a big payout.