Dark Hearts Slots

There have been movies about vampires for as long as movies have existed. Tales of vampires actually date to the medieval era. They are sexy, immortal and dangerous...and people have been fascinated with them for centuries. Dark Hearts Slots is all about vampires. You won't get immortal life, but you could win a lot of money.

Where the Vampires Roam

This game is full of the colors and imagery you associate with vampires. The background of the game is full of dark red roses, thorny vines and splatters of blood. There are many shades of dark red and black, the colors you see with vampires. There is dripping blood everywhere. Everyone knows that vampires feed on blood. You will step into their lair to play Dark Hearts Slots and go in search of riches.

When the Slots Spin Around

The game board has five reels and three rows where various symbols associated with vampires appear. You will see red lips ready to bite you and many vampires ready to feed on you. Shades of silver, gold and red are everywhere, all of it set against black. All you have to do is spin the reels and wait for the symbols to match up.

Going on a Vampire Hunt

You are like Van Helsing, or some other famous vampire hunter, and you are facing a whole den of these bloodsuckers. Your goal is to take their riches and gold and keep them for yourself...without being bitten, of course. There are 243 pay lines and you customize your bet to maximize your wins and minimize your profit. Place a bet as low as Place a bet as low as $0.30 or go up to $30..30 or go up to.

Finding Your Own Immortality

Unless you happen to meet an actual vampire, which seems to be pretty rare outside of Transylvania and Forks, Washington, you probably are not ever going to be immortal. But one thing that is immortal, in a way, is money. The more of it you have, the more things you can do with your life. You may not have an eternal life but you can have a really amazing life if you win a ton of money playing the slots.

Win Big with Dark Hearts Slots

Get a big win with Dark Hearts Slots just by spinning the reels around. What does your dark heart desire? If it's money and riches and fun times, you will find that here.