Catsino Slots

You've seen casinos before. The world is full of real casinos that you can visit, casino games that recreate the look of classic casinos all over the world, digital casinos you can go to any time. But have you ever been to a casino where the gamblers are cats? In the world of Casino Slots, the cats are in charge of the casino. You will see them gambling, taking selfies and enjoying the atmosphere with you as you play.

The Cat Casino

At this casino, everything is about the cats. The background of the game is a beautiful lounge with lights that change colors. Sometimes, the background might be a bright purple. Other times, maybe it's soft gold.

Watching the Reels Spin

Catsino has five reels and three rows where the colorful symbols appear. This is where you will see the different cats who make up this world, along with casino chips and stacks of cash. You will also see familiar letters of the alphabet and numbers, all in bright color shades that practically jump off the screen. Sometimes, the various characters will literally leap off the reels to interact with you within the game.

Placing Your Bets

The game board has 50 paylines where you can match up symbols to win. You also control how much you bet on every spin. Place a bet of Place a bet of $0.50 or go up to $25, depending on how lucky you feel and how much you want to risk..50 or go up to , depending on how lucky you feel and how much you want to risk. This game has a lot of wild cards and multipliers, so that you can win really big when you win. When you get a win, the payline will be highlighted so you can see where you made the match. And if you get a big win, it will appear on screen so you can celebrate your earnings.

Playing the Game

The gameplay is relatively fast, though sometimes the last reel will leave you in suspense as it spins and spins and you wait with your breath held to see exactly where it will stop. You click the button to spin the reels and that's it. There are no extras to worry about, no special bells and whistles and no hoops to jump through. You can just play the game and hopefully, get some big wins.

Catsino Slots is the Cat's Meow

Access Catsino Slots with any mobile device or PC to inject some fun into your day wherever you are. The pretty colors and fun theme of the game make it engaging and the payouts make it worth the time. Explore this world of cats and see what happens when you go to the Catsino.