Scary Rich 3 Slots

There are certain things that everyone knows about haunted houses. First, they're usually pretty old. Second, they're surrounded by creepy trees that have long, clawlike branches. And third, there are going to be all sorts of terrifying things inside. If you've got the courage to step inside the game world of Scary Rich 3 Slots, you will see all sorts of things meant to terrify you. With luck, you might also win a bunch of money, too.

Going to the Haunted House

It is a dark and spooky night. There is fog rolling in, making it even more difficult to see what's all around you. You are walking toward an old, creepy house. It's difficult to see any details, but you can tell this is an old place with a lot of secrets. There are many dangers that lurk in the shadows. But there is also treasure to be found here. Will you walk away or step forward?

Face Your Fears and Spin the Reels

You will find many images associated with spooky old houses when you spin the reels. This slots game has a classic design, with five reels that display three rows. This is where you will see familiar haunted house images, like a set of keys, scary human skulls, lanterns, old pieces of armor, even a camera left behind by a ghost hunter who got scared away. Each is highly detailed and beautifully designed, and they all come together to create a great design.

Escaping the Haunted House

The best way to get out of the house is to get the riches out of it. The more you win and face the scary things in the house, the more fun you're going to have. This game has 50 pay lines where you can match up all the different symbols. You will place your bet from You will place your bet from $0.50 to $25 on every spin of the reels and watch where they land. Whether you see a bloody cleaver or a terrified investigator, you hope to see a lot of the same symbols line up along the pay lines so you can get a big win.

Simple Fun and Scares

The classic slot game design, the pretty images, the fun theme, it all comes together in this game to create something that's truly enjoyable. You'll have a lot of fun playing this game and watching the reels spin around.

Scary Rich 3 Slots

Scary Rich 3 is a digital slots game that you can access with any mobile device, any time you want. Explore the haunted house and see how big you can grow your pile of treasure before you leave!