Five Times Wins Slots

The name of Five Times Wins Slots tells you everything you need to know about this game. It has a truly classic design that brings back the look of old Las Vegas. And when you see the five times symbol, you will win a much bigger payout.

The Classic Game Design of Five Times Wins

Even the most classic and traditional casino games are not safe from technology. Today, digital casino games are often full of dancing animations and graphics, bright colors and sparkles and all sorts of extras. Some slots games are so complicated, they don't even look like slots games anymore. That's not what you're going to get with Five Times Wins Slots. This game has an extremely classic look to it. The design is traditonal, like the symbols on the reels, and everything is designed with a simple, clean look. The game background itself is a dark blue that doesn't flash or dance or move around.

Designing a Traditional Slots Game

The game board has three reels and three rows, a traditional slots layout that you used to be able to find in casinos all around the world. Now, this classic look is much more difficult to find. The soft blue colors and simple color pallet, which is mostly made up of shades of red and green and gold, is not overpowering or fussy. The reels themselves have classic slots game symbols, the symbols that have historically been associated with the game for more than a century. You will see pairs of cherries, bar symbols and the lucky number 7.

The Five Times Feature

Bars, cherries and the number 7. These are the symbols you will find on the reels when you play this game. Some slots games have lots and lots of different symbols which makes it hard for you to figure out when you're making matches. This game makes things very simple. In fact, there's only four symbols in total. While you will mostly see the main three symbols with every spin of the reels, you will sometimes see the Five Times symbol appear on the board. This acts as a multiplier that increases your winnings by five times.

Choosing Your Betting Strategy

There are several betting amounts you can choose from. There are several betting amounts you can choose ranging from $0.03 per spin all the way up to $18 per spin. You won't risk a lot when spinning the reels, which means you won't lose a lot when you're playing this game.

Enjoy Classic Gambling with Five Times Wins Slots

Some slots games don't need a lot of extras. They don't need flashes and graphics and a ton of colors and dancing images. They just give you the fun, simple gameplay that casinos were built on in the first place. That's what you get with Five Times Wins Slots, simple, good fun. If that sounds right to you, this game is definitely for you.