Scary Rich Slots

Many people say that Halloween is their favorite holiday. It's the only holiday where dressing up as someone else is encouraged and it's totally okay to intentionally frighten children, which definitely puts it right at the top of the list for fun days. Scary Rich Slots honors all things Halloween.

Getting Into the Game

The background of the game is purple and dark. You're in an abandoned house...and it's Halloween. There are glowing jack-o-lanterns and creepy gravestones. But this is only the beginning. There's a lot more to discover and a lot more that can happen once you start to play the game.

Watching the Reels Go Around

The game board is lined with bones and skulls, which is perfect for Halloween. There are five reels in all, with three rows. This is where all the symbols appear. And all the symbols fit the Halloween theme. You will see carved pumpkins, witches with green skin, vampires that are ready to bite, mad scientists and many more images associated with Halloween.

Getting Scary Rich

The name of the game is Scary Rich Slots, which means that your objective is to make a lot of money. There are 20 pay lines in total, which gives you a lot of ways to win. You can place your bet ranging from You can place your bet ranging from $0.20 all the way to $20. Your goal is to match up the symbols on the reels to get a big win. Will all these spooky, scary symbols meant to frighten and chill others end up being super lucky for you? Try placing different bets, spin the reels and see what happens.

Every Day is Halloween

If you like Halloween and classic horror, you're going to like the look of this game. Every day is Halloween when you're playing this game. Everything that is fun and cute about the holiday is captured here. And best of all, you can actually win a lot of money by having fun and enjoying this cool theme. The name of the game is Scary Rich, and that's just what you could become when you play this game.

Playing Scary Rich Slots

Life can be scary, sometimes. There are plenty of things out in the everyday world that are frightening. So why not embrace it? Play Scary Rich Slots and spend some time with some images that are meant to be classically frightening. You might end up winning big enough to get scary rich.