Bovada Vouchers

Due to Bovada's sudden increase in popularity, they have decided to add a new payout method to their cashier section - the voucher. The voucher is listed along with the other payment methods, so you can't miss it. By selecting this method, the Bovada voucher allows you to convert the selected amount of funds quickly and efficiently. The funds can even be sent to other players. How awesome is that? Once you choose the voucher amount, you will be given a unique code. Once you have received the code, the funds will be credited straight away. It's also helpful to note that you can redeposit the funds back into your Bovada account should you want to play with them yourself. The minimum withdrawal of a voucher is $10 and the maximum is $3,000. When you receive the code, this implies that your withdrawal is in the midst of being processed. The code can take anywhere between 24 - 48 hours to get to you, so there is no need to wait in anticipation - Bovada has got you covered. When you receive the code, your voucher will be credited within 15 minutes. It is an easy and successful payment method, so why not give it a go?

Bovada vouchers are incredibly useful. The voucher's main aim is to be able to transfer funds between players quickly and effectively, bringing you closer together as a team. If you are friends with a member of Bovada who can't make a deposit, this is when the voucher comes in handy. If players want to deposit immediately, then their best bet is to deposit themselves.

Something else that must be noted, is that depositors are required to rollover their funds x1 before they can withdraw. This is super common amongst betting sites, so it's no surprise that Bovada does the same. If you get sent a voucher, you must bet through the account once before it can be withdrawn. For example, if you receive a voucher of $2,000, you must place $2,000 in bets before you request a payout.

There are no fees with this method, you will be glad to hear. It's a simple and effective method for withdrawing, so maybe it will suit you. Overall, it has got my seal of approval, especially for those who are interested in transferring between other players. However, should you ever have any problems in Bovada, they have an awesome support team who are always willing to help.