Bovada March Madness Odds

On Sunday March 12th, on this year's selection Sunday, the college basketball world will be eagerly waiting. These are the teams that will compete in the madness next month. When the brackets get released to the general public, the NCAAB betting lines will hit the March Madness odds board at Bovada Casino. Until then, feel free to access the betting odds through the future market. The following teams that I'm going to mention are the best bets to come through as champions.

The teams include Houston, Alabama, Purdue, Kansas and Tennessee.

The teams

At the top of the odds board we have Houston at +500. They are a strong team in the American Athletic Conference and have only dropped 2 games this season. In their last tournament, they made it to the final in regionals, where they lost to Villanova.

Next is Alabama, which were first in the southeastern conference and number 4 in the associated press polls. They offer +800.

The last one I am going to touch on is Purdue. They were ranked as number 1 on the AP polls but third in the futures market. They offer great value at +1000.

The key dates for the March Madness 2023 are; Selection Sunday (March 12), First Four (March 14-15), First Round (March 16-17), Second Round (March 18-19), Sweet Sixteen (March 23-24), Flite Eight (March 25-26), Final Four (April 1) and finally, NCAA Championship Game (April 3).

The most well known form of March Madness betting is the point spread. Before each game, a list of NCAA tournament lines will be posted with the corresponding spread attached. If you come across a spread for a game that is a flat number, and the favorite wins by exactly that number of points, it's called a push.

The money lines is the old fashioned way of expressing the March Madness betting odds. Contrary to betting against the spread, you can simply bet on one team to win the game straight up.

In other words known as the total, the over/under continues to grow in popularity on the March Madness lines. The only thing you have to do here is bet in whether the combined final score of the game will go over or under the posted total.

There are also futures betting, prop bets, parlay betting and teaser betting.

The Verdict

So what are you waiting for? Join the craze with March Madness odds board at Bovada Casino. There are plenty of awesome bets to be won, so don't miss out!