Cobra King Slots

Everyone knows about snake charmers, even if you've never seen this amazing feat happen in person. This is part of the culture of the Middle East. This culture is known for certain images and items, which you will see captured in colorful detail in Cobra King Slots. Will you be able to charm the reels into landing where you want them to?

Going Into a Mysterious Land

This game will put you right into a beautiful town in this ancient world of flying carpets, magic lamps and mystical snake charmers. The sun is setting over domed roofs and palm trees. You will see many shades of red and gold and design that is associated with this part of the world.

What You Will See on the Reels

The game board itself has five reels and four rows where the beautiful symbols appear. Each one of these symbols is its own work of art, beautifully and carefully rendered in great detail and in full color. You will see beautiful women, magical flying carpets, adorable monkeys wearing clothes, genies, cross swords and more, including a cobra rising out of the basket. You will truly be immersed in the colors and imagery of this region of the world and you will be swept up in the magic as the reels go spinning around and around.

How You Will Strategize Your Way to a Win

You choose how much to bet on every spin of the reels, ranging from as low as You choose how much to bet on every spin of the reels, ranging from as low as $0.30 all the way up to $30. But as you play, you will notice a little something extra. Next to the game board, you will see a very recognizable: a genie's lamp. Everyone knows what a genie's lamp looks like, so you'll know this item right away. As you find the lamps on the reels, a ring around the lamp will begin to fill in and go from dark blue to bright, light blue. When that ring is full, you will launch a mini-game where you get free spins and free ways to win.

Wishing Your Way to a Win

Get at least three genies, and you will get free spins. There are all sorts of little extras and ways to make money with Cobra King Slots, and that's exactly why you're not going to want to stop playing once you start.

Playing Cobra King Slots

The beautiful colors and design, the fast gameplay and all the many ways you can win free spins and money makes Cobra King Slots a lot of fun. The theme is engaging and the gameplay is exciting, which is exactly what you want in any digital casino game.