Buzzluck Casino

Buzzluck Casino

Unless you happened to get geographically lucky, you probably can't get to Las Vegas all that easily. Buzzluck Casino is designed to give you a las Vegas experience o matter where you are in the world. The website design, the games, the look and feel of this online casino allow you to create your own mini-Vegas anywhere.

Capturing the Casino Look

Neon lights and a soothing color palette greet the eyes when you first go to Buzzluck Casino. Unlike many online casinos, the design is not extremely bright and vivid with tons of flashing colors and moving graphics.

The colors here sit on a gray, blue and black background in shades of bright blue, green and gold. It's just enough color and brightness to draw the eye to the parts of the casino that you need to see, like how to start playing the games.

Navigating the Site

You'll find all your options on a left-side toolbar that has text and easy-to-understand graphics. There are slots, table games and a whole section of poker games, which is exactly what you'd find in a real Vegas casino.

Playing the Games

There are multiple ways to navigate around the site, in fact. Once players go to the games section, another toolbar appears across the top of the games so you can jump to jackpot games, poker or whatever else you want to play.

All the games are designed to look great, with fast and customizable gameplay. You can often adjust the speed or make other small changes so you can get the exact gameplay experience you want.

Winner Winner

Unless you shrink the bar, there is another feature on the site: the winners' circle. This appears as a bar on the right side of the page where you can see the latest winners on the site. That's pretty good motivation to score a big win. You can also get a look at the popular games at the moment to see what other players are enjoying.

Spending Time at Buzzluck Casino

Take a look at the available promotions on the site to get a little more out of your chips. You can get match bonuses and other little extras simply for playing games or depositing money. Take advantage where you can so you can spend less to get more. At Buzzluck, you experience a Las Vegas-like casino online and enjoy the fun and thrill of gambling without leaving home inside a pretty environment that isn't loud, jarring or overwhelming.