Stars Casino

S​hoot for the stars when you play at Stars Casino for a chance to win big money. With a robust security system in place, lightning fast payouts, and flexible payment and deposit options, Stars Casino is a noteworthy online gambling platform for new and veteran players alike.

T​he Good Stuff

T​here's a lot working when it comes to Stars Casino. The casino boasts an impressive payout rate of 97.43%, and on average takes between one and ten days for payouts to hit player accounts. Not only that, but they also offer players instant payouts, and have access to Access to PokerStars and FoxBet sports books, which is on the rarer side when it comes to online casinos. The best part of all? Their slot selection. Stars Casino has an impressive 200 different games in their library catalogue. While this can be a little smaller than other casinos, Stars does a good just at refreshing their library with new games, so users should never get too bored.

Strong Security

One of the scariest parts of playing at an online casino is not the money you might lost, but the potential for poor security, rigged gaming, and privacy violations. Luckily, you never have to worry when you play at Stars Casino. That's because the casino does a rigorous job at ensuring their games are fair, secure, and safe for players. For example, they have agreements with third party testing labs eCOGRA to inspect their games for fairness.


S​tars Casino shines when it comes to their bonuses and promotions. From new players, the regulars, and seasoned veterans, Stars Casino makes sure to cater their bonuses to every type of player. When you play at Stars, you'll find such bonuses as access to a $500, $1000 or even $2500 prize pool when you play specific slots, or free spins, or daily cash back. Check out their website for more information on what bonuses you're eligible, and make an account today to start raking in the dough.

Payment Options

A​s mentioned, Stars has various payment options to cater to different players needs and wants. Enjoy the flexibility of payment options like debit or credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill PayNearMe, VanillaDirect, and more. And because they use newer payment methods like VanillaDirect, players have the option of enjoying super fast deposits and withdrawals.

T​he Drawbacks

O​kay, so Stars Casino has a lot of great perks going for it, but what about the downsides? After all, every casino has them. In that way, Stars Casino is no exception. There are a few drawbacks to playing here, the first being it does have a smaller library of games compared to other casinos. For example, this casino does not have popular game categories like keno, baccarat and bingo, and their slot library, while is constantly expanding, is still less than some other online slot casinos.

Another drawback is that their customer service process is only available for registered players, so you can't gain access to help unless you go through a timely registration process. While this isn't a huge red flag, it can be annoying if you have questions about the casino that you want answered before you become a registered player.

S​tars Casino Final Thoughts

Overall, Stars Casino is a legitimate, fun online gaming platform. While their game selection isn't the most expansive, the games themselves are high-quality and fun to play. Not only that, but the casino does a good job at adding new games on a regular basis. Play here for fun bonuses, fast payouts, and more!