Scary Rich 2 Slots

Scary Rich 2 Slots

Lots of people have a bit of a soft spot for Halloween. And most people enjoy being scared, at least every once in a while. If you appreciate a good horror movie or like roller coasters or know how to appreciate a good scare, Scary Rich 2 Slots is for you. Not only will you be treated to classic old Hollywood monster movie images, but you will also possibly get scary rich from playing.

How to Design a Good Scare

The background of this game sets the tone and sets the stage for all the fun you're about to have. The background is dark and industrial. It's rusted and there are red patches that definitely look questionable. But you won't have time to worry about where you are. You're going to have to find out how to avoid all the monsters.

Getting a Good Scare

The game board has five reels and three rows where you will see all sorts of frightening symbols. Each one of the symbols on the reels are rendered in full color with amazing little details. You will see the glowing eyes of the zombies. You will see the blood-stained nails of the vampiress. You will see coffins and werewolves, sharp knives and scary clowns. And if you win, you will see blood splatter.

Choosing Your Weapon

You will be facing all the classic monsters when you play this slots game. But you have a defense against them. You get to choose how much you bet, wagering between You get to choose how much you bet, wagering between $0.20 to $20. This is how you will win a lot of money. If you wager well and win big, these monsters might end up being afraid of you.

Facing the Horror

Horror doesn't always have to be scary. If movies have taught the world anything, it's that horrifying things can also sometimes be funny. You have to learn to laugh and have fun, even when life and the world and the people in it are a little scary, sometimes. Your best defense is to face all the scary things in life head-on. And if you can find a way to have a little fun with it, then you're always matter where the reels land.

Are You Brave Enough for Scary Rich 2 Slots?

If you enjoy a little bit of Halloween fun and appreciate a good scare every now and then, try your luck at Scary Rich 2 Slots.