Professor Wins Casino

Ready to crack open a book and hang out with a Professor? And by book, we mean sportsbook, eSportsbook, or any other type of gambling book. That's right; Professor Wins Casino is a digital gambling platform that presents players with hundreds of slot games, table games, and harder to find entertainment like sportsbooks. If you're interested in finding your next favorite casino, consider playing at Professor Wins!

A​bout Professor Wins Casino

There's no denying that newer casinos often have a big hurdle to overcome. They have to establish a trustworthy reputation while also competing against established casinos. It's here that Professor Wins Casino is an impressive feat, as it's already won the hearts of many dedicated casino players despite being created only in 2022.

A​ Whole Lot of Games

Professor Wins Casino partnered with a lot of software providers so they could bring as many games to their players as possible. What software providers? Just the best in the biz, including Betsoft, Thunderspin, Mr Slotty, Swintt and many more. As a result, Professor Wins Casino players can enjoy hundreds of video slots, 130+ RNG table games, 50+ live tables and live sportsbook and eSportsbook - games not typically found with other casinos.

T​he Downsides

Even though many players are singing praises for Professor Wins, there are still some areas for improvement. For example, the casino doesn't have a live chat, which really deducts a lot of points in my book. Live chats are always nice for practical reasons incase you need help with anything, but it also helps to put more of a face and personality on the casino. Without the live chat element, it can often feel like players are gambling into the void. Another drawback is that this casino doesn't have e-wallets, which might be a problem for those more modern players. Lastly, Professor Wins currently doesn't offer players a no deposit bonus, which is a big perk that many other competitors do offer players.

High Payout Limits

A​ huge perk with Professor Wins Casino is their high payout limits. Currently, the casino allows players to withdraw up to €2,000 per day, €10,000 per week, and €40,000 per month. This is far higher than a lot of other online casinos who try to cap daily withdrawals at measly hundreds or a grand. Not only that, Professor Wins Casino processes most withdrawal requests within a day or so, though if you make a request for over €1,000 it could take a bit longer. Lastly, Professor Wins makes it easy to both fund accounts and withdraw as they accept a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Tether, and Binance Pay.

The Wrap Up

Even though Professor Wins Casino is still relatively new, they've made up for their greenness by providing quality games, high payout limits, convenient payment methods, and more. However, Professor Wins Casino is only available in certain countries (the United States is not one of them), and they don't have a live chat. Still, if you're in a country that has access to Professor Wins, it might be worth a spin to roll the dice and see what winnings you can dig up.